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The Stars

Bernard and Claire Boiko won enough money on TV game shows to escape debt and follow their dreams.From Tic – Tac
– Dough in 1956 to Jeopardy in 1967 to Trivial Pursuit in 1993, they competed on national television 28
times–probably the longest – running record of individual TV game show appearances by husband and wife in the

Daughter Patricia melds 10 different TV game shows and a snappy soundtrack with vivid
motion graphics and vintage footage to paint an intimate portrait of her quirky parents, paradigms of 20 th
century family life.Yet–as their poignant romance and ribald experiences reveal the fascinating historical
context of their times–the winning couple also come to be seen as curiously – relatable outsiders to mainstream culture.

Themes of love, hardship, and achievement add emotional weight to Bernard’s parting words, “If it’s a lucky life, it’s mine.” Quick cash and fabulous prizes, the thrill of winning and the lasting joy of this different family make this a wonderful story of dreams unexpectedly fulfilled.

The Crew

Patricia Boiko

Writer, Director, Narrator, Producer


Composer and Music Director

Jim Golingo and GolPost

Post – Production Editing, Color, and Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics:

Molly Murphy

Samuel Anderson

Bad Animals

Post – Production Sound

Consultant Editor: Gretchen Burger
Ruth Neuwald – Falcon

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