A Whole Year???

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A Whole Year???

A whole year! Really?!

Did I really get Game Show Dynamos done after 15 years of procuring (and working to pay off) the game show footage for 10 different shows from the 1950s’ to the 1990’s?

Did Ken Jennings really like Game Show Dynamos enough to be the host of the Seattle Premiere?! Or was I dreaming?

I do have the photos to prove it. But, photos can be edited, BUT not by me. I only edit moving pictures.

So below are the photos of the opening in Seattle, taken by http://www.nonfictionmedia.com

At central-cinema.com THANKS Jessica, Kevin and all!

Looks like it was a Dream-Come-True for the star, my Mom, Claire Boiko.

claire_talking_with_ken family_at_premiere patricia_with_nicole_brodeur__seattle_times sold_out_premiere

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